talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan

So you attempt to hide your loneliness in public, to behave, in fact, as though you have too many friends already, and thus you hope to attract people who will unwittingly save you. But it never works that way. Your condition is written all over your face, in the hunch of your shoulders, in the hollowness of your laugh. You fool no one.

Believe me in this; I’ve tried all the tricks of the lonely man.


The hair, the jumpers… they are just so cute here! 

From Sherlock Uncovered: The Return (season 3 extra). Script read through 2010.


Bono recording the Zooropa album, winter 1992/1993.


ASK33:Thranduil catches Sherlock and Legolas play together.


 I suppose in the end… they break my heart.


Been a while since I posted a photo of Bono here on tumblr. Here’s lovely one of Bono taken in the summer 2010 while on holiday in the south of France. Loving his demin shirt!


damn it hannibal..